CAB Street Band


Show Dates

  1. 11-24-2017 9pm-midnight
    CAB Street Band at The Press Box
    Come out to The Press Box (Champlain/Shepard) and groove to the unique sound of CAB Street Band!!
  2. 11-25-2017 6:30-9:30ish!!
    CAB Street Band at On The Edge
    CAB Street Band will entertain you fireside, on The Patio On The Edge!!
  3. Dec 8th 2017 6:30=8:30ish
    CAB Street Band On The Edge
    Lets get warm on the Patio On The Egde!! Music, Drinks and great people!!
  4. Dec 16th 2017 6pm-9pm
    CAB Street Band at Gazebo Gardens
    Food, beer, friends and great music! What more can you ask for!! Come Out!!!
  5. Title
  6. Dec 29th 2017 9-midnight
    CAB at Press Box
    We are winding down 2017 CAB Street style! See you there!
See You There :)